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Chapter 20
Should the minimum wage be increased, kept at the current amount, or decreased?

The basic spirit, argument, and rationale that applied to the previous demos issue also applies to this one. The few should not dictate to the many what will be the wages of the humblest in the land. What is considered to be a humane and sufficient wage to achieve adequate subsistence, something of “a living” in America, cannot be the business only of the privileged few but can only properly be the business of us all. As has been said by others, the best way to deal with poverty is to not create it in the first place. “We the people” would come up with a very different result than the privileged few in Washington if given the opportunity.

In a later chapter, Government, Business, and the Definition of Labor, a new kind of wage scale is discussed in which each hour of work earns more wage than the previous hour. The first hour worked during a given Standard Workweek is called simply “the first work hour.” Under this scheme the minimum wage set by the demos would represent the minimum wage that could be paid for the first hour worked during each Standard Workweek.

This is another three-button demos issue with the usual green up arrow (increase) at the top, a yellow square in the middle (keep as is), and a red down arrow at the bottom (decrease).


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