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Links to Other Web Sites

Hyperlinks are the lifeblood and currency of the Internet. This web page contains links to web sites or pages of other persons or organizations. Red asterisks * mark links to sites that are the most relevant to the subject at hand: the discussion and analysis of the structure, function, design, and redesign of our government and society. Most of the links are reciprocal or what I call “thank you” links to sites which contain a link to Beyond Plutocracy, include it some way, or provide the Internet services that make Beyond Plutocracy possible. These sites may be as impersonal as, say, an automated search engine.

If your web site has included or wants to include Beyond Plutocracy in some way and you would like a link pointing to your site added to this page, please send its address in an email to rogerrothenberger@beyondplutocracy.com. A text message of up to forty words of your choice is allowed with the link.

Political and Other Web Sites
* American Institute of Direct Democracy  www.americaninstituteofdd.com This site offers working American families the opportunity to transform the dream that brought millions of immigrants to the United States into reality—the dream of true freedom from government oppression, and true fairness in life.
*  The Crown Dependency of Forvik
 www.forvik.com The sole purpose of The Crown Dependency of Forvik is to promote the true legal and constitutional position of Shetland and to ensure open and transparent direct democracy where the representatives of the people are not able to usurp their power for personal gain.
*  Direct Democracy Center
 www.realdemocracy.com The Direct Democracy Center proposes a constitutional amendment establishing direct democracy by means of voting networks connected to voters' homes.
*  Grinning Planet
 www.grinningplanet.com Saving the planet one joke at a time. Jokes and cartoons. Environmental and health information.
*  James H. Bath and Christel S. Bath www.angelfire.com/folk/jimbath We are the sum total of our cells. And when we group together around unifying ideas and causes, such as populist ideas, we are the cells that total up to a larger body - the body of the ideological movement.
   Becky Hyatt
Becky is my neighbor, my friend, and a big heart who has built homes at www.myspace.com and www.jacketflap.com along with her friends and critters.
*  The Liberator  www.liberator.net A Forum for freedom of speech. The Liberator does not advocate any particular philosophy or worldview, save to promote freedom of speech and an informed, self-governing global citizenry.
*  New Civilization Network  www.newciv.org The New Civilization Network (NCN) is a meeting place for people of good will who are working on building a world that works for all of us.
*  Participatory Direct Democracy Association
 http://democracy.mkolar.org/pdda Provides discussion forums for Canadians, and indeed for anybody, who want to improve public life, and want to promote participation in policy making on the local, provincial, or federal level. See also http://democracy.mkolar.org The DD Meeting Place for direct democracy supporters.
*  rat haus reality, ratical branch, the welcome mat  www.ratical.org rat haus reality, ratical branch promotes and encourages seeing wholistically, within ourselves, with all our relations, and throughout our world within the universe.
*  Road to Peace www.roadtopeace.org Road to Peace is dedicated to determining the basic causes of terrorism and developing strategies for peace.
*  Social Transformation Consortium http://social-transformation-consortium.angelfire.com Collecting and comparing "approaches" to social, cultural, economic, and political change
 Superdrewby http://www.superdrewby.com Superdrewby is an online community for gays and lesbians to share and discuss issues of political and other interests.
 Truth Contest http://www.truthcontest.com Truth Contest - Our mission is a contest to find and spread the truth about life and death, the ultimate truth. Give us some truth. You may represent religion, philosophy, science, or yourself. Any prophets out there?
*  Voices for True Democracy www.voicesfortruedemocracy.com/index.html advocates a form of government in which all citizens directly influence the values and laws affecting their lives, and all receive a fairer share of the economic pie.
Thanks to the following search engines & directories for including Beyond Plutocracy.
AllTheWeb www.alltheweb.com
AOL Search http://search.aol.com
AltaVista www.altavista.com
Ask Jeeves www.ask.com
*  Direct Democracy category in Open Directory Project
factbites www.factbites.com
Gigablast http://gigablast.com
Google www.google.com
MSN Search http://search.msn.com
My Search http://mysearch.com
MyWay.com www.myway.com
Netscape Search http://search.netscape.com
Yahoo! www.yahoo.com
Web Hosting
GoDaddy www.godaddy.com
Internet Service Provider
Charter Communications www.charter.net


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