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About the Author and the Book

This web site contains the entire content of a full-length book entitled Beyond Plutocracy and subtitled True Democracy for America, hereafter simply Beyond.

I am not a writer, that is, I do not earn my living by writing. Although I am a lifelong reader of several fields of study, I am not a scholar. Beyond is not a heavily footnoted or referenced work. It is a body of carefully considered opinion. In a sense I have been writing this book within my mind for most of my life. I have studied and pondered some of our deepest philosophical and political questions. I have experienced and thought about our world and society for a very long time. Throughout my life I have listened well to a full spectrum of views. In Beyond I express my own views. As for the correctness and value of my views, that is for you to judge.

In Beyond I examine our government and society and recommend specific alterations that, I believe, really fix in just the right way what is really wrong with our government. While the partial redesign of the American government presented here is a robust whole of interconnected parts that cannot be fully understood and appreciated save by reading the entire book, the brief overview article and the longer formal book introduction on Beyondís Home page present a fairly good summary.

One of the most important questions that one can ask oneself in life is this: Is the world a better place for my being in it? The best that one person can do is to be generally loving and helpful to others and to try to make some contribution toward the good in some larger sense. Such as it is, Beyond is my attempt to make a contribution toward the good.

You may send an email to me at the following address:


As long as I am alive and capable I will answer all email. If you donít get an answer, I will almost certainly be pushing up daisies or babbling in a back ward somewhere. I keep the beyondplutocracy.com domain name and the web site hosting fees paid a decade ahead. So this web site will continue for a while after I am gone.

Thank you for your interest in Beyond Plutocracy.

Roger Rothenberger


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